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Cykla Gul

Cykla Gul received funding from Mötesplats’ idepeng at the end of 2018. It was an initiative started by Nikola Matakovic, (Dave) Yang Yong Kang and Rob Curran to bring bikes that were left unused from Gothenburg to Dals Långed in order to reuse and provide them to the community here. The funding allowed for transport, parts, paint and labour to complete 8 bikes and to begin a trial run by providing the bikes to borrow free of charge. 


Some of the bikes are old and some quite new. The initiative is to provide a shared economy and allow those without a bike to travel and explore the area. It is important to note that behind the bikes themselves are the ideas of creating value from something old or unused and  to fix and maintain what is useful so that it can last to provide a service to the community.  


From the initial trial it was clear that an easier system was needed to administrate the bikes and also to find a visible and dedicated station for the bikes. Without these the project could not function well.Cykla Gul has now progressed with the installation of an app operated key box located outside the new and exciting Studio Växt. The bikes now have a home and easier accessibility thanks to the support of Motesplats, Fyrbodal kommunalförbund and Dals Långeds Utvecklingsråd.

With a membership fee of just 100kr per year the bikes are available to use any time for up to 3 days at a time. The number of uses is unlimited for the year. 


GoRide the provider of the key box has an easy to use app that you must download and register to access the bike service. Here you can read the terms of use and find clear instructions how the system works. 

Joining Cykla Gul



The bike pool is located at
Studio Växt, Hemslöjdsvägen 2,
Dals Långed


What does it cost?

There is a one year membership fee of 100kr. 

The bikes are then free of charge to use.

You may use a bike up to 3 days at a time. 

There is no limit on how many times you use a bike. 



Before you decide to use the service make sure you plan ahead and register with the service. This can take up to a day before you have access to the bikes!


1. Download the GoRide app from google play or app store. You will require a Swedish phone number to join. 

2. Send a request by email to so that we can invite you to join.

3. You will receive an invite and the user agreement to your email.

4. Once you input your details and have paid the membership fee you can unlock the key cabinet containing the key for the      number on the bike you wish to take out. This is done using the app on your phone.

5. When you return the bike, lock it back in place and return the key to the locker using the app.


The user agreement contains details on late fees and any damaged sustained to the bikes! Please make sure you read these carefully and understand the terms. 


Explore and enjoy the area!


GoRide provides systems for bicycle and
mobility pools.


Download app here:



1. Download the GoRide app  

2. Send a request at 

3. You will receive an invite to your email

4. Pay the membership fee

5. By using the app unlock the key cabinet containing the key for the number on the bike you wish to take out 

6. Unlock and use the bike

7. When you return the bike, lock it back and return the key to the locker using the app

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